HOPE project
'HOPE' or 'Horizontal Policies and Practices for Inclusive Societies in Europe', is a new cooperation project funded by European Commission's COSME programme for small and medium-sized enterprises. HOPE aims to develop horizontal policies for inclusive societies, which will enhance the well-being of individuals and foster employment and entrepreneurship through multi-professional and multi-sectoral co-operation until January 2022. Connect with us on social media using #HOPEproject!

Find out more about the HOPE project and partners

Inclusive societies supported by horizontal policies in Derry area

HOPE project partners share a series of inspiring good practices during the 3rd workshop of the partnership. Are you ready to learn?

An innovative fitness app for young adults with additional needs

An innovative app, inspired by a girl called Ruby, is to promote and focus on exercise and wellness for children and adults with additional needs.

We speak with Aljaž Brodnjak from Prizma to talk about the SocioLab

SocioLab can share with Derry & Seinäjoki a path to building a comprehensive support ecosystem.

Well-being in the municipality of Seinäjoki, how do they do?

Discover good practices in reference to the living environment, health & social services, education and cultural well-being.