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The Student’s path to entrepreneurship

SeAMK has developed a process to ensure that a) all students get minimum level understanding of entrepreneurship as a transversal skill necessary for life b) there are opportunities to be inspired into becoming an entrepreneur and c) there is support for those who have a business idea/entrepreneurial intentions. The Student’s Path includes a survey, required and voluntary courses involving also working life cooperation, various kinds of pre-incubator activities, a cooperative for testing one’s business idea and an active partner network with local support organisations. The Y-Zone online portal gathers all elements together and Y-Zone physical space is operated along open campus principles.
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The Y-Zone is in use in SeAMK (University of Applied Sciences). For SeAMK students the benefit is that their entrepreneurial potential is recognized and developed. The process also builds general skills for the students not interested in starting a business. Y-Zone is a key element in carrying out SeAMK’s strategy. For the local partner organisations Y-Zone is a channel for their service missions. For the region in general, Y-Zone helps prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs. Impact shows e.g. in the national Graduating Students’ Survey: SeAMK gets top marks (ranked second in the country) in students’ perception of whether they are prepared for entrepreneurship.

The most important element for Y-Zone or similar localized framework is top management commitment in a higher education institution. To carry out the activities, the university needs to commit to e.g. regular surveys, courses, business idea competitions etc. and to provide an attractive space in good location on campus. Financing is needed for the staff allocation and courses need to be included in curricula. Also, interested and committed local partners are needed. For the survey tool and other concepts, benchmarking can be used to get the activities started.

Explain here the conditions to transfer or apply this experience into the project. This could include information regarding the resources required (i.e. costs, skills, etc)
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