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Inclusive Growth Strategy

The Strategic Growth plan has been developed using a co-design approach and is the result of an extensive period of engagement with citizens, organisation and businesses. The plan has been informed by a robust evidence base, which has helped develop the outcomes, indicators and actions. An economic forecast was commissioned of the impacts of the plan, its risks alongside the development of detailed action plans outlining how the strategy will be delivered in a measurable, defined and costed way.
The Growth plan took a strategic view of the whole district, individual local plans were developed to deliver on the overall outcomes at a local level with community-based programmes and actions.
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The Strategic Growth Partnership was established to take a collaborative approach to achieving the outcomes and impacts outlined in the Strategic Growth Plan which will transform the City and Region.

The Strategic Growth Partnership is a body made up of a wide range of partners including representatives from local statutory bodies, community organisations, political representatives, Central Government departments and other key regional support partners.

In order to ensure full accountability in terms of delivering on these objectives, Derry City and Strabane District Council has established eight Outcome Delivery Partnerships to implement, deliver and report on the actions identified within the Growth Plan to ensure the relevant outcomes are achieved.

These partnerships are responsible for developing action plans, timescales, costs and local partners. They are led by the Strategic Growth Partnership, and are also responsible for identifying particular areas of need and tailoring programmes to adequately meet those specific needs.

An Equality Assurance and Oversight Group including representatives from Section 75 categories, as well as rural and deprived communities has also been established. They will monitor progress against equality indicators and targets, identifying emerging issues and offering feedback to the Partnership.
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