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Workshop offering work try-outs

Workshop offer work try-out (1-6 months) and also work contract to a hard-working person with a good motivation (1-12 months).

Every body have her/his own personal path during the time at Kaks'Kättä workshop. We are having a discussion with a person and she/he makes her/his own targets and we are helping to reach them.

Kaks'Kättä työpaja ry have 13 departments, that offer varied work in cafes, home service, recycling centres, textile service, wood department, restoration- and metal workshop...

Part of the departments are also studying environments, where she/he can do part of the vocational studies co-operating with the teachers. At the time she/he has an apprenticeship contract. 

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We are reporting to our supporters what we have done and what are the results of our work.

Our main aim is to coach our workers to open market or to start studies. About 30 % of the workers succeed in that. Long term unemployed has often many health problems which hasn't show up until they start to work. In this case we guide them to a health service. This is a benefit for the person to get the right service for her/his problems.

The main impact is the social improving in our workers life, they feel that they have improve in ordinary life, in social skills, in self-knowledge and they have better readiness in studies and in work life.

Because we have so many different professional fields, the workers can try on different kind of work (if they want to study this vocation) or they can keep up their vocation after long term unemployment.

On our departments the workers can do “real” work, we are a normal work place with normal rules. But we have little bit more staff (specialists) to help our workers.

Because we employ long term unemployed , the city of Seinäjoki save money.
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Kaks'Kättä työpaja ry