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Toimintojentalo - House of Actions

Literally translated as “House of actions”, Toimintojentalo is a house of many different actions and activities, such as being an open meeting place, event organizer and enabler, job coaching unit and much more. The house has its roots deep in communality, which to this day has been the single most important value of the place. Responsible for the operation are Toimintojentaloyhdistys ry and the city of Seinäjoki. It is a unique municipal and association hybrid operating model.
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Toimintojentalo has grown from a village house built with volunteering to its current extent as a result of years of hard work. The origin of the house stems from the communality that is still the most important value of the house today. Today, it employs 17 city workers. Within it, it provides jobtraining places for the unemployed to about a hundred people a year. The Activity House offers experiences of community and inclusion in the form of a lunch café and hundreds of different events for over a hundred thousand people each year. The varied activities support the development of human involvement, community, and to prevent social exclusion. In addition, many unemployed people and students get the opportunity to practice working life skills and learn a profession for themselves.

Toimintojentalo works multi-professionally and multidisciplinaryly. Cooperation is made with the city's various services, many associations and organizations, and with companies. The attitude, values and willingness of the staff of the Toimintojentalo to do good and purposeful work leads to new ideas. The unique cooperation model the Toimintojentalo association and the municipality City of Seinäjoki together with the existing multi-sectoral cooperation networks offers a wide range of services for local residents. New services have also been created with new partners.

The municipality owns the property. The association pays rent to the municipality. accordingly, the municipality pays the employees' salaries. Everything else is paid by the association. The costs for the municipality are about 400,000 euros and for the association about 200,000 euros.
South Ostrobothnia
inclusion, employment, coaching
Service Provider
City of Seinäjoki and Toimintojentalo association