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Cooperative LADIES

Cooperative, social enterprise Cooperativa DAME (Ladies), the 1stt restaurant in Maribor, which has certified organic dishes, wines and juices on its menu, is the development of sustainable tourism and hospitality services. As we are aware of our cultural heritage, we place great emphasis on preserving old, traditional recipes, which we introduce in an innovative way to the preparation of our dishes and the organization of catering. It should be noted that local, fresh, and organic food is used to the greatest extent possible in preparation of the dish. We are becoming a recognized social initiative, building network and strengthening local supply chain and resources.
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The idea of setting up a restaurant with domestic, local and organic certified food was born in 2014, because in Maribor, second largest city in Slovenia a catering establishment operating as a cooperative and a social enterprise and offering mostly local food was not yet available.
- In 2018, as the first restaurant in Maribor and its surroundings, we received an official ecological certificate for certain ingredients, dishes, wines and juices.
- Our vision is access to healthier food for all age groups.
- In 2020 (COVID 19 lock down) we started offering our products to customers with home delivery using an local online platform (

An example of the business model can be transferred into practices in different countries and adapted according to the needs and conditions of a particular local/regional environment. As social entrepreneurs we have experience all stages of the establishment of the social enterprise and cooperative. Nevertheless, the national regulative frameworks, market conditions and incentives are in EU diverse and our business model could be adapted to local circumstances with the help of local social business supporting environment.
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Cooperative LADIES