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Good PracticeCategoryRegion 
Toimintojentalo - House of Actions Multi-professional and multi-sectoral CollaborationSouth Ostrobothnia
The Student’s path to... Social Entrepreneurship and Digital OpportunitiesSouth Ostrobothnia
Inclusive Growth Strategy Multi-professional and multi-sectoral CollaborationDerry & Strabane
The Foyle Community Work Programme Multi-professional and multi-sectoral CollaborationDerry & Strabane
Workshop offering work try-outs OtherSouth Ostrobothnia
Cooperative LADIES Social Entrepreneurship and Digital OpportunitiesSlovenia
Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Model Multi-professional and multi-sectoral CollaborationSouth Ostrobothnia
The Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki... Multi-professional and multi-sectoral CollaborationSouth Ostrobothnia
SOCIOLAB Social Entrepreneurship and Digital OpportunitiesSlovenia
Case Management in Employment... OtherSouth Ostrobothnia

Good Practices

Toimintojentalo - House of Actions

Literally translated as “House of actions”, Toimintojentalo is a house of many different actions and activities, such as being an open meeting place, event organizer and enabler, job coaching unit and much more. The house has its roots deep in communality, which to this day has been the single most important value of the place. Responsible for the operation are Toimintojentaloyhdistys ry and the city of Seinäjoki. It is a unique municipal and association hybrid operating model.

The Student’s path to...

SeAMK has developed a process to ensure that a) all students get minimum level understanding of entrepreneurship as a transversal skill necessary for life b) there are opportunities to be inspired into becoming an entrepreneur and c) there is support for those who have a business idea/entrepreneurial intentions. The Student’s Path includes a survey, required and voluntary courses involving also working life cooperation, various kinds of pre-incubator activities, a cooperative for testing one’s business idea and an active partner network with local support organisations. The Y-Zone online portal gathers all elements together and Y-Zone physical space is operated along open campus principles.

Inclusive Growth Strategy

The Strategic Growth plan has been developed using a co-design approach and is the result of an extensive period of engagement with citizens, organisation and businesses. The plan has been informed by a robust evidence base, which has helped develop the outcomes, indicators and actions. An economic forecast was commissioned of the impacts of the plan, its risks alongside the development of detailed action plans outlining how the strategy will be delivered in a measurable, defined and costed way. The Growth plan took a strategic view of the whole district, individual local plans were developed to deliver on the overall outcomes at a local level with community-based programmes and actions.

The Foyle Community Work Programme

The FWCP is a new collaborative, community led approach based on improving employability and creating meaningful pathways for those furthest removed from the Labour market in the Derry City Council area. The project was direct at young people between the ages of 16-24.

Workshop offering work try-outs

Workshop offer work try-out (1-6 months) and also work contract to a hard-working person with a good motivation (1-12 months). Every body have her/his own personal path during the time at Kaks'Kättä workshop. We are having a discussion with a person and she/he makes her/his own targets and we are helping to reach them. Kaks'Kättä työpaja ry have 13 departments, that offer varied work in cafes, home service, recycling centres, textile service, wood department, restoration- and metal workshop... Part of the departments are also studying environments, where she/he can do part of the vocational studies co-operating with the teachers. At the time she/he has an apprenticeship contract.